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About Internship:

With the increase in importance being given to extracurricular, it has become essential for students to become more active and involved in activities happening on their campuses. It is also becoming significant to pursue internships and interact with companies. These companies can be ones of their choice. What better way to get the best of both these worlds than be an innovation influencer?

Innovation influencers act as the connection between the company and their university. They are the main and direct contact with the company and are the voice of the campus. These influencers are interested and excited about the company, its beliefs, what it stands for and its work. They also tend to possess leadership qualities, taking initiatives and charge on campus. Due to this, they are also influential. They have all the right contacts, with both, students and the faculty. The best part about this link is that a member of the university need not approach the company directly, they can approach the influencer. The influencer is much more approachable and accessible than the company. They can be of great assistance due to the responsibility they carry.



Company profile:

Vaanahaa (www.vaanahaa.com) is a comprehensive Education Platform and a collaborative learning environment. It is the place for everyone to find the Inspiration, Knowledge, Resources, Innovations & countless contingency they need at their best. With our vision intact we wanted to use technology in education to bring forth a disruptive positive impact, to novitiate Theoretical geniuses into Industry Experts, and to make quality education more accessible. This is precisely the motto with which Vaanahaa have started a new endeavor. For more info please feel free to reach out to us at 1800-212-7277.



Job role:

An innovation influencer has the responsibility of endorsing the company that they are tied up with. In order to do so;

  • They organize events on campus. (These events can be interactive by hosting questionnaires to clear any doubts that their fellow students might have with regard to the company. )
  • Provide product demonstrations and might also hold seminars and workshops to understand the true working of the company.
  • Brainstorm ideas for campaigns and content, determine which key performance indicators (KPIs) to use to measure/track a campaign (and then track those KPIs), and keep up to date with what’s going on.
  • The influencer must also extract creative ideas from the university’s community so as to present them to the company. The company then utilizes these ideas in their specific functions.
  • Promote workshop and products of Vaanahaa across your college/ region through WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ LinkedIn/ printed posters/ Snapchat/ word of mouth (Any 3).



Skills required:

People-person; the ability to communicate and get along with others even when they’re high maintenance/annoying; super organized; able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously; ability to create compelling content; ability to engage/interact with an audience; high visibility on a social media platform; knowledge of/expertise in a particular subject or niche.



Who can apply:

Bloggers, industry leaders, celebrities, people who specialize in specific niches and who have a loyal social media following (size is less important than engagement).




A college degree isn’t necessarily required, but it can be helpful to major in marketing or a related field. Some influencer talent agents start out in other areas, then make the jump to working with influencers.



No of Vacancy: 10 per city

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