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Front-End Web Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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Starting from 20th Aug 2020

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Add to Calendar 08/20/2020 09:00 AM 06:00 PM India Standard Time Front-End Web Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript I'm inviting you to join this event. Please take a look. Event name: *Front-End Web Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript* Link: https://vaanahaa.com/product/front-end-web-development-using-html-css-javascript/ Online - Learn from home

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What you'll learn

Concept Session:

  • Overview of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Frontend vs Backend<
  • Introduction to UI/UX
  • All about domain, hosting - Where to purchase!
  • History of Web development
  • Web development - How it works
  • Most Popular Coding Languages
  • Web Developer v/s Web Designer
  • Details on HTML
  • HTML Tags or Elements
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML form
  • HTML table
  • Details on CSS
  • Syntax of CSS
  • Types of CSS
  • Things you can change with CSS
  • Things you can’t change with CSS
  • CSS Media Queries
  • Use of CSS Media Queries
  • CSS Effects and Animations
  • CSS Keyframes
  • Details on JavaScript
  • What we can do with JavaScript
  • JavaScript Data Types
  • JavaScript Functions
  • JavaScript Math Object
  • JavaScript Arrays
  • JavaScript For Loop

Practical Session:

  • Getting Started with HTML Web Page
  • HTML Registration Form
  • HTML Table
  • Creating beautiful web page designs with CSS
  • Responsive web designs with CSS Media Queries
  • Create Animations using CSS Keyframes


  • Create a responsive travel website’s landing page.
  • Create a responsive e-commerce website's shop page.
  • Create your own website design with pen and paper and convert it into a real web page.

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What you'll get more

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Why Vaanahaa

  • Quality education is more accessible & affordable.
  • Competencies are based on research and results.
  • We model what we teach.
  • Superior industry experts as chief trainers.
  • Allow you to cement your credibility in the industry with this professional credential.
  • We ensure that our pricing stays competitive, allowing learners to have a great learning experience at the best price possible.
  • Vaanahaa has always prided itself on providing the best quality of education and super productive learneing experience in the market.
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