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This is the Vaanahaa affiliates partner section 

Profit from our advertising is now super easy!

Earn up to 5% as a reward for your effort in the advertisement.

You need to log in to access your affiliate dashboard.

If you are not an affiliate but wish to become one, you may apply for an affiliate account.

To apply, you must be a registered user of vaanahaa.com.

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The key reason why should you join our Affiliate Program:

    • Easy Joining: Instant approval to join - No need to wait for third party approval is required.


    • Simplified Monetizing Process: No matter if you are a big shark or a small fish, whether you are a larger networker, content site, blogger or just running a community in social media, our simple linking tools help you monetize in a super-easy way.


    • Up to 10% reward: On every successful purchase of your referrals make you richer, a fixed 10% reward is credited to your bank account within 5-6 working days.