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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality | Why there is a high demand on AR / VR Project Based Learning course at the top Institutes across our country

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality | Why there is a high demand on AR / VR Project Based Learning course at the top Institutes across our country

- Nabonita Friday February 8, 2019

Understanding teenagers and technology can seem a little overwhelming. Modern technology has a strong impact on teenagers. It sometimes seems like teenagers’ lives revolve around their phones and technology. From the internet and social media to phones, apps, games, television and other types of technology, it’s easy to wonder whether it’s all too much. As the world becomes wireless every day, teenagers have devised ways of connecting and sharing information and views, to perform almost every task broadening their horizons & ability to think.

In the era of 90’s Tom Caudell first came up with the word augmented reality. He was a Boeing researcher and thus he used this word to describe the how pilots have a digital display to help them in navigation but in these years things have transformed of how we view things and augmented reality has also been changed in this time. Irrespective of that, Virtual reality has been a promise that has gone largely unfulfilled since video game and computer companies began experimenting with it since the early 90s. But the viral outburst of augmented reality apps like Pokemon Go, along with a new wave of modern virtual reality headsets, it has reignited interest in AR – VR and it’s applications.



It has been said that with only 20 years augmented reality has taken over a number of fields like education, retail, construction, designing and such other. We really love when science meets with creativity and education. In this case, AR & VR, however, is no longer a theory, a rumor or a hope. We at Vaanahaa enable brands to redefine consumer experience, with informative, explorative and multi-sensory Extended Reality solutions, which combine Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technology.

Augmented reality in education has enormous potential, which is still to be uncovered. With the current adoption of mobile technologies and the recent advances in hardware, AR & VR app development is no easy task. It requires a certain skill set as well as hands-on experience building similar products.

We at Vaanahaa have the expertise and skills to help you build knowledge of any scale and complexity, including AR or VR content. AR & VR is becoming more accessible and broadly used. Therefore, right now might be a good time to make the first steps in this direction. Otherwise, you risk missing out on the chance to win your market position.

Adding to its numerous growing courses in its cart for grooming students into hardened professional, Vaanahaa is a one-of-a-kind educational platform that offers interactive, fun courses that are easily available to everyone. Crowdsourcing project helps both companies and students. Companies that are short of workforce approach Vaanahaa, which matches the company’s business requirements with an appropriately trained workforce.

Colleges and Universities teach their students everything that entitles them to their degree. These institutes serve as a stepping stone to getting your degree through exams and assessments. They have on-campus placements too- giving their students the chance to find employment even before graduating but there’s one thing these colleges don’t do- they don’t train their students for these placements. This is when you may need someone else- a mentor, perhaps, to help train you for placements and even your career. Vaanahaa helps professionals, graduates, and students to excel in their chosen field of employment. The summer and winter training programmes and internships offered by Vaanahaa help these students, graduates, and even professionals do better at their job and develop their career to the best of their potential. Studying in classrooms is one thing, actually working in the corporate world is a whole other thing.

Vaanahaa gives you this golden chance to be trained by people who actually work in the field, giving you a taste of what your career could be like and giving you the necessary training for getting there in the most effective way.

If you want to explore the opportunities of augmented reality & virtual reality in education, book a seat with our experts.

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