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Company profile:

The Internship opportunity is provided by Vaanahaa Education and Innovation Labs. Vaanahaa works with a vision by providing everyone to find the Inspiration, Knowledge, Resources, Innovations & countless contingency they need at their best. ” SCMI ” is a major feature which enables social media bloggers to monetize their traffic on Vaanahaa while surfing social media.


Job role:

Connect with influencers on a variety of platforms, brainstorm ideas for campaigns and content, determine which key performance indicators (KPIs) to use to measure/track a campaign (and then track those KPIs), and keep up to date with what’s going on. Promote workshop and products of Vaanahaa across your college/ region through WhatsApp/ facebook/ twitter/ Instagram/ LinkedIn/ printed posters/ Snapchat/ word of mouth (Any 3).


Skills required:

People-person; the ability to communicate and get along with others even when they’re high maintenance/annoying; super organized; able to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously; ability to create compelling content; ability to engage/interact with an audience; high visibility on a social media platform; knowledge of/expertise in a particular subject or niche.



Who can apply:

Bloggers, industry leaders, celebrities, people who specialize in specific niches and who have a loyal social media following (size is less important than engagement).




A college degree isn’t necessarily required, but it can be helpful to major in marketing or a related field. Some influencer talent agents start out in other areas, then make the jump to working with influencers.



No of Vacancy: 20 per city

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