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10 Robotics in 6 Days (Sensor Robotics)

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What you'll learn

  • Concept Session:

Introduction to Embedded Systems
Introduction to Arduino
Drivers & Software Installation
Anatomy of Arduino
Detailed Pin Mapping and Auxiliaries
Bootloaders and Bootloading process
How to Program in Arduino ?
LED Interfacing with Arduino
Basic Electronic Concepts of Embedded Designing
Pulse Width Modulation
Learn about the Seven Segment Displays
LCD Interfacing with Arduino
Digital Input Processing
Interfacing a Buzzer with Arduino
Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensors
Serial Communication in Arduino
Introduction to ADC and Serial Monitoring
Interfacing IR Sensors(Analog)
Interfacing LDR Sensors(Analog)
Interfacing Temperature Sensor
Handling Heavy Power with Arduino
Brief Discussion on Transistors and MOSFETs
Interfacing a DC Motor with Arduino
Motor Driver & Its Need
Working of Relays
Interfacing Relays with Arduino
Introduction to Autonomous Robotics
What is Line Follower Robot & how it works?
Pit Follower Robot
Light Follower/Avoider Robot
Project Discussion and Building

  • Practical Session:

Getting used to Arduino IDE
Practical 1:
- Blinking LEDs in a given pattern
- Controlling brightness of a LED.
- Displaying Digits on Seven Segment Displays
Practical 2:
- Displaying Text on LCD
- Scrolling Text on LCD
Practical 3:
- Detecting Switch Inputs on Arduino Pins
- Controlling LEDs with Single Key Button
- Generating Tones using Buzzer
Practical 4:
- Distance/Speed approximation using Ultrasonic Sensor
Practical 5:
- Controlling LEDs from the PC.
- Printing text on the LCD from PC
- Interfacing a simple Potentiometer.
Practical 6:
- Designing and fabricating an IR Sensor.
- Detecting obstacles and surface colour difference using IR Sensor.
Practical 7:
- Designing and fabricating an LDR sensor.
- Detecting Colour and Light Intensity with LDR Sensors.
Practical 8:
- Calibrating Sensor value with Temperatur Range.
- Controlling Direction of Rotation of a Motor
Practical 9:
- Controlling AC Appliances using Arduino and Relay
Practical 10:
- Making a Line Follower Robot

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