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Getting started with Bootstrap

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What you'll learn

  • Concept Session:

Planning and Setting Up
Building Main Content
Expanding Our Content
Additional Pages
Finishing Our Application
Introduction and installation options
Creating a basic template using CDNs
Downloading and installing manually
Understanding Bootstrap containers
Working with rows
Creating columns
Using multiple column classes
Resetting columns
Offsetting columns
Nesting columns
Customizing column order with push and pull
Styling headings and body copy
Analyzing inline text styles
Modifying alignment,transformation, and abbreviations
Using blockquotes
Working with list styles
Styling code
Working with Bootstrap buttons
Exploring table styles
Adding image classes
Understanding Bootstrap helper classes
Using responsive utilities
Creating a basic form
Formatting radio and checkbox controls
Using inline forms
Styling a horizontal form
Using validation styles
Using input groups
Using miscellaneous styles and sizing
Using icons
Creating a dropdown
Using button groups
Understanding the Bootstrap nav component
Adding content to the navbar
Collapsing your navigation
Using breadcrumbs and pagination styles
Creating a Jumbotron and page header
Working with labels and badges
Using the thumbnail style
Adding media styles
Flowing video with responsive embeds
Styling list groups
Working with panels
Using wells
Creating a carousel
Creating modals
Controlling tabs with JavaScript
Crafting collapsible content and accordions
Creating a tooltip
Adding a popover
Controlling menus with ScrollFix-Affix
Next steps

  • Practical Session:

Understanding and managing Bootstrap based Website.
Including Bootstrap CSS and jQuery in HTML.
Managing the Bootstrap designs for the different type of Website.
Use of different Bootstrap Web-based tools.
Review different Bootstrap component available for HTML Design.

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  • Overview
  • Certification
  • Eligibility
  • Overview +
  • Certification +
  • Eligibility +


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