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What you'll learn

  • Concept Session:

Introduction to robotics.
Application of Robotics.
Introduction to Embedded Systems.
Introduction to Microcontroller Intel 8051.
Assembly Programming of Microcontroller.
Introduction to Interfacing.
Introduction to C Programming.
Introduction to Motors and Its Interfacing.
Sensors In the Field of Robotics.
Introduction to DTMF Mobile Interfacing.
DTMF IC Device.
DTMF Controlled Robot.
DTMF Applications.
Introduction to Autonomous Robotics.

  • Practical Session:

Creating the hex file for the assembly programs.
Burning the flash microcontroller.
Port programming of a microcontroller.
Interfacing with DC Motor of the microcontroller.
Interfacing with sensors with the microcontroller.
Interfacing the RF Module with the Microcontroller.

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