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Photoshop Workshop

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What you'll learn

  • Concept Session:

Planning and Setting Up
Getting to Know the Photoshop Workspace
Opening an existing file in Mini Bridge
Discovering the Tools panel
Using panels
Hidden tools
Navigating the image area
Using the Zoom tool
Using the Hand tool
Working with tabbed windows
Maximizing productivity with screen modes
Managing your Photoshop files
Introducing Adobe Bridge
Navigating through the Bridge
Using folders in Adobe Bridge
Making a Favorite
Creating and locating metadata
Using the Filter panel
Saving a Collection
Automation tools in Adobe Bridge
Additional Photoshop tools
Changing the view
Photoshop CC Basics
Opening existing documents
Understanding document settings
Viewing an image’s size and resolution
Combining images
Transforming and editing combined images
Understanding the stacking order of layers
Choosing a file format
Saving for print and web use
Making the Best Selections in Photoshop for isolating editing
Understanding the importance of selections
Using the Marquee tools
Working with the Magic Wand tool
Selecting with the Lasso tool
Adding to and subtracting from selections
Saving selections
Using the Quick Selection tool
Fine-tuning selections with Refine Edge
Using Quick Mask
Selecting with the Pen tool
Painting and Retouching with Photoshop
Setting up your color settings
Comparing RGB and CMYK modes
Using the Color panel
Changing Brush settings
Applying color to an image
Changing blending modes
Retouching images
Moving through the History panel
Using the Clone Stamp and Healing tools
Working with Camera Raw
Creating a Good Image with Photoshop
Choosing your color settings
Working in RGB
Reading a histogram
Making a Curve adjustment
Defining the highlight and shadow
Adjusting the mid tones
Setting the neutral
Sharpening your image
Taking care of red eye
An Introduction to Photoshop Layers
Discovering layers
Getting a handle on layers
Creating a new blank file
Naming your layer
Selecting layers
Moving layers
Changing the visibility of a layer
Locking a layer
Using masks in a layer
Preserving transparency
Next steps

  • Practical Session:

Understanding and managing Photoshop based design.
Accessing tools and their options
Removing a background
Refining edges of copied images
Getting to handle layers in Photoshop.
Managing the Photoshop designs for the different type of Website.
Use of different Photoshop Web-based tools.
Review different Photoshop component available for HTML Design.

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  • Certification
  • Eligibility
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  • Certification +
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