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What you'll learn

Concept Session: (6Hrs)

  • Introduction to Construction Management
  • Introduction to Drawing Readings
  • Detail Discussion on Estimation and costing method
  • Analysis of Rate
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • How to prepare for Tender

Practical Session: (24 Hrs)

  • Introduction to Drawing Reading
  • Quantity take out using Excel Sheet - 
    • Excavation
    • Plain Cement Concrete
    • Brickwork at substructure
    • Concrete in Foundation
    • Concrete in Column Neck
    • Concrete in Beam
    • Brick in Super Structure
    • Column in Super Structure
    • Concrete in Slab
    • Concrete in Stairs
    • Brickwork in parapet and mumty
    • Internal and External Plaster
    • Tiles, Marbles, Skirting, etc.
    • Paint
    • Final drafting of Material Statement
  • Introduction to Rate Analysis
  • Analysis of Rate using Excel Sheet - 
    • Excavation
    • Plain Cement Concrete
    • Reinforced Cement Concrete
    • Brick Works
    • Plaster Works
    • Tiles Works
    • Paint Work
  • Procedure to create Bill of Quantity 

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