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Winter Training Program on Survey CAMP using Total Station, GIS and Traffic Management at Kolkata | Civil Engineering Workshop

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6 Days

6th Jan - 11th Jan, 2020

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Add to Calendar 01/06/2020 08:00 AM 01/11/2020 08:00 PM India Standard Time Winter Training Program on Survey CAMP using Total Station, GIS and Traffic Management at Kolkata | Civil Engineering Workshop I'm inviting you to join this event. Please take a look. Event name: *Winter Training Program on Survey CAMP using Total Station, GIS and Traffic Management at Kolkata | Civil Engineering Workshop* Link: https://vaanahaa.com/product/winter-training-program-on-survey-camp-using-application-of-gis-and-traffic-management-at-kolkata-civil-engineering-workshop/ Kolkata

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What you'll learn

Concept Session: (6 Hrs)

  • Introduction to Land Surveying Concept
  • Brief about old Surveying Techniques and Significance
  • Principal and the main objective of surveying
  • Detail discussion on Modern Surveying Techniques
  • Introduction to GIS concept
  • Briefing about the wide application of GIS
  • Discussion on spatial and non-spatial data
  • Division and classification of Surveying
  • Traverse Management
  • Bowditch adjustment
  • Detail discussion on Levelling Concept
  • Error Calculation
  • Methods to define the coordinate system
  • Brief discussion on WGS84 and UTM zone
  • Introduction to remote sensing, navigation based surveying
  • Introduction to Traffic engineering
  • Manual design and analysis of Traffic signals in the city using GIS concept
  • Detail case studies on Industry standard projects

Practical Session: (30 Hrs)

  • Total Station Surveying:
  • Land Surveying
  • Close Traverse Surveying
  • Topography Surveying
  • Stake Out
  • Remote height Measurement
  • Slab thickness measurement
  • Area and Volume Calculation
  Application of GIS: 
  • Map generation of the data taken from TS survey
  • Data analysis using SQL concept
  • Google Earth projection of real-time data
  • Surveying using Mobile GPS
  • Map generation with "iData" inside
  Traffic Engineering: 
  • Traffic intersection planning for a City
  • Traffic controlling and analysis using real-time GPS Navigation.

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