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4 Channel Relay Module

Product ID: VNHA291

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The Four channel relay module is an electrically operated device that controls the high voltage, the high current load such as the motor, solenoid valves, lamps and AC load. It is designed to interface with a microcontroller like Arduino, raspberry pi and etc. The relays terminal (COM, NO and NC) is being brought out with an output terminal, with a LED that indicates the status of the relay. Four channel relay module is designed to be integrated with 4 relays that it is capable of control 4 relays at the same time.

Product Key Features:

  • Number of Relays: 4
  • Control signal: TTL level
  • Rated load: 7A/240VAC 10A/125VAC 10A/28VDC
  • Contact action time: 10ms/5ms

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