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DIY Electric Bicycle Kit

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Seller: Vaanahaa Education and Innovation Labs

About Product:

Upgrade your regular bicycle to an e-Bike. LightSpeed’s Electric Kit is a ready to fit set of high- tech gadgets that combine to create the perfect e-Bike for all your commute, adventure, recreation, and exercise. Mix and match between various battery specifications and Pedal Boost Sensors to customise your bicycle according to your needs.

The kit is designed to convert your regular bicycle into an electric bicycle. This electric bike conversion kit comes with a Li-ion battery that is removable and portable. The e bike conversion kit can be completely customised based on your requirements and usage patterns.

Package Includes :

  • 1 Piece - DC 24V 250W motor
  • 1 Piece - Motor controller
  • 1 Piece - Chain
  • 1 Piece - Freewheel
  • 1 Piece - Freewheel adapter
  • 1 Piece - Mounting plate with bolts
  • 1 Piece - Throttle handle & Brake lever
  • 1 Piece - Headlight
  • 1 Piece - Switch & key
  • 1 Piece - 18cm axis
  • 1 Piece - Charger
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