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Bridge Design & Fabrication Combo Kit

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About Product:

Looking for a fun and engaging activity- this bridge building kit has you covered. This DIY pack provides the opportunity to design and build bridges, and then the thrill of using destructive testing to calculate the efficiency and determine the best design. Bridge building supports a wide variety of curriculum, including geometry, physics, technology education, mathematics and general science.

The class pack contains complete kits that can be used for a classroom activity or national-level competitions. Each complete kit consists of Balsa woods, Adhesive, Scale, Safety knife, Grid sheet, Sandpaper. The Balsa wood pieces measure 12" x 1/8" x 1/8" and balsa wood is stronger and has a more consistent density. Also included in the DIY pack is a copy of the manual with Model Bridge Building Program.

Package Includes :

  • 25 pieces - balsa sticks (12'*1/8'*1/8') 
  • 5 pieces - hot adhesive (Glue) 
  • 2 pieces - Grid Sheet 
  • 2 pieces - Safety knife 
  • 1 piece- scale (30cm)
  • 1 piece - sketch pen
  • 1 piece - Sandpaper
  • 1 piece - Design Manual
DIY Projects:

1-1 Mentorship Session:

Additional 1-1 mentoring session with experts for project building.
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