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DIY Humanoid Robot Chassis

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When most people think about a robot, they imagine Humanoid Robots. A robot that walks and talks and looks like us. Humanoid robots are an exciting challenge for higher-level research as they require balanced bipedal walking to get around. Our humanoid kits come with accessories that would be needed to program your robot to walk, pose, and animate giving them lifelike personality and behaviors. The very popular Humanoid Robot Kit is a great kit for hobbyists getting started in robotics. Humanoid Robot is a full-featured research-level robot kit for higher-end developers.

Package Includes :

  • 16 Pieces - Multipurpose Aluminium Standard Servo Bracket
  • 7 Pieces - Short U Shape Aluminium Servo Bracket
  • 4 Pieces - Long U Aluminium Servo Bracket
  • 4 Pieces - Oblique U Shape Aluminium Servo Bracket
  • 4 Pieces - Interconnect Aluminium Servo Bracket
  • 4 Pieces - L Shaped Interconnect Servo Bracket
  • 1 Piece - Large U Beam Aluminium Servo Bracket
  • 2 Pieces - Robot feet Aluminium Servo Bracket
  • 14 Pieces - Miniature Ball Radial Bearing
  • 17 Pieces - Metal Horn for Servo
  • 1 Piece - Screw and screw cap set
DIY Projects:

  • Humanoid robot making
  • Walking robot
  • Dancing Robot

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