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DIY Wired Robotic Kit

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Seller: Vaanahaa Education and Innovation Labs

About Product:

The Wired Remote Control Kit with DC Gear motor is a very basic robot kit for students those who want to study about the behavior of motor and also to analysis the motor driving circuit. It is a very durable nature helps in acquiring expertise on basics of robotics and to understand the working of different types of DC motors.

Package Includes :

  • 4 Pieces - DC Gear Motors
  • 1 Piece - Chassis
  • 1 Piece - AAA Battery Holder
  • 1 Piece - Push Switch
  • 5 m - Wire (multi color)
  • 1 Piece - Plastic Box
  • 1 Piece - Black Tape
  • 1 Piece - Double Sided Tape
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