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Solar Charger DIY Kit

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Seller: Vaanahaa Education and Innovation Labs

About Product:

Wouldn’t it be really cool if you can charge your mobile phone's battery using the sun instead of a USB charger?

This kit is the first open-hardware and open-source smart interface designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to make your own battery- and solar-powered power bank for charging cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, speakers, GPS navigators, and much more. Use it to also power your DIY electronics projects!

Package Includes :

  • 1 piece - Solar cell 6v
  • 1 piece - voltage step-up module(1.2v to 5v)
  • 1 piece - USB 5v Step-down module
  • 2 pieces - 18650 li-iron battery
  • 1 piece – Diode
  • 1 piece - Project box
  • 2 meter – Wire
  • 1 piece - Project Manual
DIY Projects:

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Additional 1-1 mentoring session with experts for project building.
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